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    A sneak peek into the crazy amount of features Groovepages has to offer

    This groovepages review reveals that GrooveFunnels has more than just the basic website functionalities highlighted above. Their full range of services includes the following web applications:

  • Groove Pages

  • Groove Sell

  • Groove Affiliate

  • Groove Mail

  • Groove Member

  • Groove Video

  • Groove Pages for Shopify

  • Groove Webinars for Live Webinars

  • Groove Webinars for Automated Webinars

  • Groove Blog

  • Groove Desk

  • Groove Calendar

  • Groove Survey

  • Groove Quiz

  • ...and more to come

  • Founder Mike Filsaime gives you a behind the scenes Groovefunnels demonstration of the Groovepages website building software.

Fast and well designed Landing pages

With Groove funnels, you get more than just the Groove apps that we integrate into your business. We also specialize in an all-round website transformation that includes building websites that have full navigation capability.

The pages on your website will transition seamlessly and with ZERO lagging. It's really quite impressive.

We also make custom domains for your brand. The domains enable customers locate your website and webpages easily with unique URLs.

Hosting services

Our hosting services are based on cloud computing and stand-alone server setups that enable your website to always be online and accessible from anywhere in the world. We offer high bandwidth that can be scaled upwards or downwards depending on which payment platform you have chosen.

You can expect your webpages to load with no lag at all with our customized bandwidth limits that we have tested thoroughly and found to be enough to load any e-commerce website.

E-commerce shopping cart

We have developed an efficient products' display catalogue that allows customers on your site to purchase products in just one click. With an incorporated payment platform that is enabled by Groove Pay, your customers can make payment for products they have added in a cart.

The platform allows them to pay using their credit cards or other digital currency options.

Video integration

We also have simple to use video apps that make it easy for you to market products using custom videos. Using videos to market products on your website has proven useful and capable of generating more sales as compared to a generic photo and detail models that many e-commerce websites use. This is because you can include a lot of information in a short video that is both interactive and entertaining.

Moreover, Groove Videos are guaranteed to keep customers interested to the end of the video unlike posting videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo where the large collection of videos easily distracts the viewer.

Membership Plans

Become a Groove funnel member and get to enjoy all the wonderful updates that we keep making to better your web experience. Signing up on Groove is easy because you will be using our optional membership platform.

The best All-In-One business building software

Incorporating Groove Apps in your business is beneficial both to your firm and to the customers that buy products from you.

Managing the website, for instance, will be easy for you because you get all the apps you need to market products online, manage payments, and interact with customers.

The best part is that all these apps are built into one application. Customers, on the other hand, enjoy an amazing online shopping experience because they get to use fast and interactive web-pages that respond quickly with just one click.

Our developers have used the latest in programming technology to ensure we deliver a website that has minimal lag and restricted downtimes so that your business will always be available to customers.


Groovepages price guide

At GrooveFunnels, we are also considerate of our customers during tough economic times. As such, we have introduced packages that allow us to work with all our clients even as the world continues to battle coronavirus.

For instance, we are giving a limited time offer to customers who sign up and test the product before its official launch slated for some time in Mid-July.

Groovepages Pricing Base Plan

When you create an account with us, a process that is free, you get the following products that enable you to test and get a feel of what working with our comprehensive e-commerce funnel building application will be like:

A lite version of Groove Pages 2020 that you can use to test the functionality and loading speeds. Become a lifetime member of GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages Lite. Moreover, you will have to access to all the future updates.

Note that the free account offer with the testing version of Groove Pages 2020 ends soon after things get back to normal or after communities across the world learn how to deal with the coronavirus. Don't miss out on this amazing offer. Sign up for free today.

It is also imperative to note that the free account is only available for a limited time and for testing purposes only. To get the full benefit of our Groove products, therefore, you have to upgrade to one of the paid plans below.

Get Lifetime Free Access

Groovepages pricing Platinum plan

With the Groovepages Platinum Member pricing plan, you get unlimited access to all of Groove tools, unlimited websites, and unlimited funnels. Also included is 20% commission on the affiliate program.

The following list shows all the superb products that are bundled in the Platinum Groovepages Pricing Plan.

  • GrooveSell

  • GrooveAffiliate

  • GroovePages LITE 

  • GroovePages Pro

  • GrooveMail

  • GrooveMember

  • GrooveVideo

  • GrooveBlog

  • GrooveDesk

  • GrooveCalendar

  • GrooveSurvey

  • GrooveQuiz

  • GrooveWebinars Automated 

  • Groove Webinars Ecommerce

  • Groovepages Pricing Gold membership plan

    Our Gold Membership plan offers you tools that you can use to run your online business with ease. The tools included in the golden membership plan are:

    • GrooveSell

    • GrooveAffiliate

    • GroovePages LITE

    • GroovePages Pro

    • GrooveMail

    • GrooveMember

    • GrooveVideo

    • GrooveBlog

    • GrooveDesk

    • GrooveCalendar

    • GrooveSurvey

    • GrooveQuiz

    Silver Membership Pricing Plan

    Only available after the official launch of GrooveFunnels, the silver package has the following Groove web applications.

    • GrooveSell

    • GrooveAffiliate

    • GroovePages LITE

    • GroovePages Pro

    • GrooveMail

    • GrooveMember

    • GrooveVideo

    • This plan will have a monthly subscription of only $99 per month.

      Create your free account on GrooveFunnels website now and be ready to upgrade to the Silver plan when we launch.

    Why use GrooveFunnels Website Builder Software

    After compiling this groovepages review, we can confidently say that choosing GrooveFunnels for your web application needs comes with lots of benefits. We outline some of those benefits with groovepages integrations below. Take a look at the Groovefunnels demonstration video above.

    • Application design methods

    • We work with highly experienced developers who have tons of experience in web application design, testing, and maintenance. Our developers handle all the programming jargon that runs in the background and give you a user interface that is easy to use and manage.

    • Free account creation with sample groove pages in 2020

    • We have so much confidence in our software products that we are willing to give you a free account where you can get to test loading speeds for Groove Pages in 2020 and compare their performance to other websites that use outdated and generic technologies.

    • Flexible pricing for lifetime Platinum Membership

    • Our pricing plans are flexible. For instance, our limited lifetime platinum membership discounted prices will get you all the fabulous Groove applications at only a fraction of the price. By having lifetime membership, you will not have to pay for monthly subscriptions.

    • Mike Filsaime Groovepages

      mile filsaime groovepages

    What people who have tested our products have to say

    With most of our users leaving a positive feedback about the amazing and affordable features of Groove, we are optimistic about the future of GrooveFunnels.

    In response to a query from a beta tester about the possibility of a future update of groove Digital that tags users based on their actions, one of the founders revealed that Groove is set to have all the features of Active Campaigns.

    Another user inquired about the possibility of customers being able to support one another in the form of a forum. This is possible with Groove Helpdesk; users do not even need to provide their email address.

    "Love it! I am not a coder don't know jack about HTML but with Groovepages OMG everything that's in my head I can literally download and create, way to go guys, and this is just the beginning."

    Jim Pavlotos

    "I stumbled across Groovepages and immediately took notice. A one time fee for more features than my Clickfunnels account had and the winner, unlimited domains. I was all in! Logging in for the first time I could see the massive value and how much easier is going to make my online marketing would be from now on."

    Shen Zu

    Easily managed to get a website built very quickly albeit a simple one, just try out the features. Maybe it was easy becasue I have page building experience but I can't imagine a complete newbie having too much a of a problem building one out"

    Richard Crook


    This groovepages review proves beyond any doubt that Groove Digital has a bright future. We recommend that you take advantage of the amazing offers that the developers have made available during the pandemic period before they expire. This is by far the best drag and drop website building software on the Internet.

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